Tumblr Themes

Tumblr was launched on the year 2007. It is a social networking website just like Facebook and Twitter. In this website users are able to post their multimedia content which includes text, audio, photos and video in form of short blog through the dashboard, using a mobile phone, desktop client or via e-mail. Just like any other blogging site users are able to apply different themes.

Information about Tumblr
Free themes can easily be found on the internet, and you can also find paid ones. You can find different categories of Tumblr themes such as love themes, animals themes, music themes, cartoon themes and so on. The themes available for Tumblr on their website are either free or premium.

In this paragraph, I have summarized how to install the themes, first you will need to go to the customize page on the blog and click on the theme tab; then select the button at the bottom which is labeled" use custom html". For the theme to look right, delete the entire html. Try to save a copy of your old theme, just in case, it's okay to put the old codes on a notepad file. Now that you have your new codes, copy the provided html code you got online which in turn should direct you to the custom html theme. Now you paste it into the box of the Tumblr. Finally, in order to ensure that the theme displays as intended click on the apperance button and you will be able to preview and maybe make a couple of changes if you want. People who are not confident on their html writing skills can use ready made Tumblr themes. If you have considerable knowledge on html, writing or developing a custom theme from scratch should be relatively easy, or even editing the original appearance to your own desire (easier).

Themes editing and tutorials can also be found on different places online. Editing these themes can be done through editing the themes html source code and you can use softwares like Dreamweaver or simply notepad. Tumblr is used by many, most of the users use it as a primary website to post their photos and links, and it's nice to stumble upon a nice and well put together page, with a customized and original theme.

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