Hello Noobs, I come in peace

Ok, srsly lyek wtf
I need a script to post content on a website easily. Like adding Myspace Layouts and Glitters. It has got to be free, and obviously considering it's free it won't be the best software ever, but I'm doing this to acquire knowledge. I'm a total noob in that subject. So, what the hell is Joomla? D:
Is it going to be easy or suicide is a better option, instead of going into this whole new world?
Is it going to be painful like learning php..? ughhh.

I also need to make a new layout for this place, eh. Like I'm always complaining, but my puter was broken for A WEEK. Maybe I will make one around the week. OH YEAHH I DID IT. ^_^ ENJOY THE NEW BLINDING LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click on the doll to see more ~!



Funny things people search to get in here.

"what is the code to make a heart in livejournal?"

There you go! Just copy and paste. ♥
Or just press alt+3 :D

Ain't I cool? To teach something as cool as that? That, my friend, is something you would learn only here at Glittercandybox! (y)


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Ohai welcome from the dark side

Hi everyone! :D
Well, I think it's time to change a few things on my site. Maybe a slightly changed new layout, I don't know. It feels like it's stuck in time. xvx;; Also, the intro page is gone (aka the whole licking the monitor thing) and I will eventually blog the updates here or just post random stuff. :3 Be afraid. :3
And I seriously need to update the "about me" page. Or ar least start it. :x Well, bye!


Some stuff I added recently, girly things! Click on the pic to be taken to the gallery where you can grab some more similar graphics!

Girly Clouds

Funky Handwritten quotes

Hot Glossy Banners!


Hello Princesses, Ladies, Gentleman! :D
Welcome to my sweet website. It tastes like candy! Just go ahead and lick the monitor! :9
This is the place you have been looking for to find several goodies to customize your myspace, friendster, hi5, facebook, livejournal, greatestjournal and more! To make it easier, all you have to do is to copy and paste the codes. Everything is separated in categories.
This site is currently under major construction, and will always be, so bookmark it and check it you whenever you can. Some of the content:


Cute glitters to make your layout pretty. There are so many, in various categories! Want a sample?
GoOd MoRninG

Myspace Layouts

Featured layout!

Click here for a bigger preview!
Grab the Codes:

Livejournal Layouts

Yay! A place to download layouts to be used on livejournal, it's easy to copy and paste the overrides!

Dolls, Candy Dolls and more dolllls!

The cutest dolls are here for you!
Happy Birthday Glitter



Glossy Banners with Love Quotes

Pretty glossy text. Get the banners by copying and pasting. ^_^ I made these. You can tell they're very romantic. They look cool in whatever color is your background. Cool like whoa.

"And when we kiss they're perfectly aligned"

"Forever isn't long enough"

"Giving up doesn't always mean you're weak
It only means that you're strong enough to let go"

"Ignoring all of them 'cause all I want is you"

"What is meant to be will always find it's way"

"Everyone is equal - but not as equal as you"

"You are my once in a lifetime, baby"

"You mean the world to me, you are my everything"

"He makes my heart skip a beat."

"& he makes me smile"