nicki minaj quotes

I just kinda do what I feel. I never knew what lane I would fill, [or that] I would fill a lane at all. I didn’t even really contemplate that far down the road. I just started having fun, and a lot of that came from me seeing Wayne dare to be different, and I started feeling like I can be a multifaceted rapper. I don’t have to be a one-dimensional female rapper. Once I put that in perspective, it was like everything just got easier for me, because I no longer wanted to fit in anybody’s box… I just wanted to be Nicki

You got spark
You you got spunk
You you got something all the girls want
Flyer than a kite, I get higher than Rapunzel
Keep the Snow White I could buy it by the bundle


Listen I’m the baddest in the school, the baddest in the game
Excuse me honey but nobody’s in my lane
Find me in the dark
I’ll be in the stars
Find me in your heart
I’m in need of your love

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