Photoshop, Color Orbs Tutorial

This is a Photoshop CS5 tutorial. Other versions should be similar, if not the same.
On this tutorial you will learn how to make color orbs on a image!

Learn how to do this:

1) Open up your image. Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. or/ Shift + CTRL + U
This will make your image black and white. If your picture is looking a little dull and you want to boost it up, sort this out using Levels. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels.

Toggle with the 'Input Levels' using the arrows to drag left and right until you are satisfied.

2) Now create a new layer pressing that button.

3) Press the brush tool on the side bar which should be on the left.

4) Right click on your picture to find the SOFT brushes

Now... If you can't find these brushes when you right clicked, press the PLAY button and go to Basic Brushes, then Append.

5) The size of the brush depends on how big you want the 'blob' to be on your image. I chose 300 px, as my image is not overly big.

6) Time to choose a colour. I have opted for pink. To do this, click on the swatches tool on the sidebar. (In my image, it's pink. Click on that part to choose your colour)

7) Now that you have the brush set with the colour. Hover over the image and press over the image where you want your 'blob' to go. Make sure this is on the 'blank' new layer.

8) On the layer box, change the effects box from 'Normal' to 'Screen.'

Ta da! Now have fun adding more color orbs choosing different colors.

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