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100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets.. 1 reason, Best Friends!

Never underestimate the power of Best Friends especially when they're together! Whats Tommy without Chucky 
Whats Steve without Blue 
Whats Spongebob without Patrick
 Thats me without you!
Best Friends Forever
Thats how we'll reamain through the drama & problems & all sorts of pain, through hardsips & troubles & all we've been through, I know for sure we'll always stay true.  I'll rish everything I have, I'll fight til I bleed, give you my own life if thats what you need!
My girls have been there for ohh soo long. Singin & dancin to our favorite songs, checkin out the fellas in the mall on school nights, our crazy ass times & stupid little fights.  Through good & bad, happy & sad, not talkin for a day or two.  Our friendship always comes through.. Through thick & thin, big or small..
Friends for ever & ever after all!
It's the days we're so crazy people think we're high, the times were so bored we laugh until we cry, all the inside jokes & "remember whens".. These are the reasons we'll always be  Best Friends & heres to the nights that turned into mornings && the friends that turned into family theres a good chance you don't like us.. but theres a better chance we dont give a fuck && if you ever wonder how a girl survives.. just look at whos by her side A best friend is the girl you can call in the middle of the night && tell her that you killed someone
&& she would say "where should we hide the body?"
Lots of laughs, lots of tears, spilling dreams with our fears, talking 24/7 on the phone, each other's houses are like our 2nd homes, something so precious it could never break or bend, thats why i call you my Best Friend True Friends are like diamonds - precious and rareFake Friends are like autumn leaves - you can find them everywhere heres to the boys that want us.. the losers that lost us.. and the lucky ones that get to meet us && were the kind of girls that laugh for absolutely no reason at all, attempt to dance & sing like the do in the music videos, make fun of each other when we walk into stuff && no matter what happens we're always there for one another and thats why were called Best Friends.. If these lockers could talk I know exactly what they would say.. They would speak of fun times & laughter & memories that will never go away.. If these lockers could talk they would chat of how we've from from timid, fearful freshman to now, out & on our own..  If these lockers could talk our secrets woiuld be given away however shameful or terrible, now it all seems to be okay.  If these lockers could talk, they would remind us of all the stress, when we studied until the sun came up then we would sleep all through class.  They held our most private possessions & our years we kept inside. Today, we start a new life & a new locker we must find.  If these lockers could talk, they would advise us to try our best && to smile as we walk across the stage for we have passed our final test! Best Friends - you fight I fight, you hurt I hurt, you cry I cry.. you jump off a bridge, I'll get a paddle boat and save your retarded ass The pages may crumble the pictures may fade but we'll NEVER forget the friends that we've made Me & my best friends, nope we don't need drugs we're naturally retarded

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