Celebrity Icons! to use on livejournal, myspace, and others

Check out these celebrity Icons. Yes, I made them! :D (But sold some packs too XD;;)

Some Mary-Kate and Ashley icons...

Celebrities, fashion shoots, MKA...

More MKA and vintage fashion icon

Rihanna, Christina Ricci, Xtina Aguilera, etc.

Normal Candy Dolls with codes

Candy dolls for you to grab, copy and paste the codes and voila. They came from various websites.

Brunette with stars!

Romantic candy doll!

Very pink fashioned


Dressed up for windy days with a bird.

Candy doll feeling cold!

Taking a ride on a bicycle.

Birthday doll

With her puppy.

I think this one is going to school.

With her cute doggy!

This doll is a cute pink maid!

Sitting on the couch.

Calling on the public phone

Sitting on a flower.

Sitting on another flower...

A beautiful futuristic chair O_O

The chocolate angel!

Rainy day...

Candy doll with hearts


Nice pose :D

That is a huge bunny!

Thanks ♥ ! Adopt as many as you want!