Dolls QQshow Big Head

Korean Dolls QQshow Big Head... Save as many as you wish! *-* ♥ They look SD'ish imo!


K-On icons and K-On avatars

Grab some cute and hot K-On avatars - icons ! This anime is so cute...!
Use on msn or livejournal, whatever you want...
Drums - Ritsu / Guitar - Yui / Keyboard - Tsumugi /Bass - Mio.
Please do NOT redistribute those in other websites because I made all of them! Feel free to use as your icons though or add your own text! ~ Thanks! :*


New pink layout

Hello my cuties! I have a new layout up.... I personally think it's very cute ~ ♥ Anyway... hope you like it ^_^. Will add more content on the site now since college is finally over, so I can FINALLY work lots here!
Muachs, glossy kisses, enjoy ~


Hime Gyaru - Japanese Street Fashion

Ever thought of dressing up like a princess? My dream is to own all dresses from the fashion brand "Jesus Diamante", lol. If you don't know what I'm talking about...
roupa de princesa
Yes, talk about fashion in Japan... there's a style known as Hime Gyaru (Princess Girl), where the girls dress up as princesses. Feminine outfits, full of ribbons, pearls, roses, etc... IT'S WONDERFUL (*v*) If you're wondering WTF IS THAT HAIR - you could always use something more simple, like:

Cute Curls....

What I love the most are the dresses.
vestido preto lindo

Perfect, ne? ;_;