How to Make a Tumblr

Nowadays, lots of people want to know or have more ideas on how to make a tumblr. It can be either someone who wants to move from an old tumblr, or just someone encouraged to share his goods, interesting finds and pictures. Sometimes, someone can decide to make it, so as to share his or her thoughts and favorite stuff with other people within the world. Moreover, it focuses on the ideas of sharing what is more important to a person, making it cheap and easier to build or post some pictures, videos and even links.

For one to be able to know how to make a tumblr, he or she has to follow or consider some more procedures in order to be successful. The person should sign up a tumblr blog which is simple and cost free. What you have to do is go to the site called and open it, to enter your user name. It's going to be your main URL. There are too many people with tumblrs nowadays so try to pick something unique. It will check if the name you picked is not taken, if it is try another one... Then fill your email and password. After this, you can now sign up your account and start posting all you think is necessary, cool or fun to you and other people.

Just like you are creating an email address, you might be asked to type some letters or numbers, which are to verify whether you are a human being or not. You will now be able to upload many pictures and even make some links in your own tumblr. So please verify your account on your email before you post. This email sometimes end up in your spam folder, so make sure you check your spam folder while checking your email messages.

Finally, after you have known on how to make tumblr, you will be able to find your best friends and maybe add some people with the same interests. If you're trying to find friends you only need to enter the email address to get them easily.

Creating a tumblr is very fun and advantageous, as it helps one to make a blog which looks attractive and organized to someone or himself, and get people to know you better.

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