Photoshop tutorial, Adding borders on images

This tutorial uses Photoshop CS5 but other versions should be similar, if not the same.
Adding borders onto an image may give your image a much more precise and finished look.

eating chocolate

1) Open up your image on Photoshop.

photoshop selection

2) Press CTRL+A on your keyboard to select the entire image

3) Go to Edit > Stroke.

4) This will now come up. You can choose the colour of your border by clicking on the white patch next to 'Color'. The higher the number you put on the stroke width, the thicker it will be.

5) (choosing a colour by the palette) Press ok if you're happy with the colour and it will take you back to the previous option.
When you're back to the previous option, press ok. The border will now appear on your photo :)

Now, the Finished images...

Please note, the size of the image can also depend on the border width. The example image on this tutorial is only 350 x 233 pixels, so a 3 pixel border would definitely show. However if the image was 1000 x 665 and you set it on 3px, I could imagine that the border stroke would be hard to see so a higher stroke width would be needed.

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