Unique Dolls Bikini

Sunny days... and Unique dolls wearing bikinis. Brunettes, blondes, redheads ready to go to the beach. They have cute ribbon ties on their 'kinis. Haha... Adopt as many as you want to put on your page! ♥

Thuggette Dolls for adoption

Dolls thuggette, tanned brunettes and they look like they enjoy some hip-hop.... They're tiny but super cute! I think they look adorable and some are diva-alikes... Adopt as many as you want ^_^!

Shuni Dolls - random

Shuni Dolls, or Shaded Unique Dolls, from the palace. They have lots of details and have more shadowing comparing to the Unique dolls.
Their style is very myspace, I think... hehe.