Poupee Girl -

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Anybody got a poupee girl?

It works like this: You create a little dolls (poupee) as you wish. You pick the hair, face shape, skin color and everything.

Later, by winning Ribbons on the game you will be able to buy more and more outfits and items to dress up your doll.

Ribbons ~ Ribbons are the money in the game - you can receive, buy, and spend on stuff. Just like in Second Life where you pay with Lidens, here you pay with Ribbons.
To win ribbons you will need:
1) To Post PHOTOS of your own fashion items. Take pics of your bags, shoes, outfits, and so on. Then you post a picture of it and win some ribbons and some item. Yes, you have to take the photo yourself of something you really own, and one pic by item.
2) Commenting or receiving comments. Each comment you leave will give ou a ribbon (with a 20 ribbons limit per day) and each comment you receive will give you a ribbon too.
3) Selling items you don't need anymore. Just SELL it on the market. Maybe someone will buy.
4) Inviting friends - You win some ribbons by inviting someone by email and this person wins some ribbons too.
5) Buying ribbons with real money, using paypal. Oh wow.

Basically... that's it.

If you want an invite so you can win some more extra ribbons leave your email on the tagboard - I will send you an invite!

My poupee is very poor. So please add me there. ROFL.

If you have a Poupee Girl ADD ME:

Ignore the fact the picture has a watermark of my other website.

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